Our Staff


I am the owner of Freelance Assistants, the company which I started November 2, 1988 and have been in business continuously since that time.  I assist a large majority of the time, but I also handle some of the administrative duties.

I assist in general (mainly laparoscopic) surgery, gynecology (mainly laparoscopic), ENT, plastics, vascular, hand, and urology.  I have extensive experience in both open and laparoscopic procedures. I am trained in DaVinci GYN, urology, general procedures. I have also received training in DaVinci single site technology.

I consider my job to be one of the most rewarding in the nursing profession.  I am fortunate to work with some of the best surgeons in the Denver area and at some of the best hospitals.

Outside of the operating room suite, I am find time for my other passions – golf, traveling, and showing off the State of Colorado to many of my out of state friends.



Susan Yates has been with Freelance Assistants since 1999.  She also earned her BSN through Regis College, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

She is accomplished in general and gynecological surgery, plastics, urology, vascular, hand, and orthopedics.  She is the preferred assistant for penile prostheses and Peyrone’s Disease for one of the urologists at St Anthony’s Hospital. She also assists in cardiac cases.

Susan is trained in DaVinci GYN, urology, general procedures and has received training in DaVinci single site technology.

When she is not in the operating room, Susan likes to hike and ski, decorates cakes, play pool and enjoys working in her garden.



Jane joined Freelance in 2012. Her surgical assisting expertise includes Plastic surgery (cosmetic and reconstructive), DaVinci Robotic general, gynecological cases and single site technology. Prior to Freelance, Jane worked at Northwest Surgical Associates as office nurse and first assist in general surgery. Jane has been described as dedicated, kind and compassionate.

Her off time is spent gardening, bicycling, travel, reading, and spending time with family and friends.



Chris joined Freelance in 2013. He has been a surgical assistant for over twenty years. He moved here from Wisconsin to be closer to family. Having assisted in well over 1000 DaVinci cases; he also is well versed in orthopedics, OB/GYN, cardiac, plastics as well as laproscopic general surgical cases.

His off time is spent with his wife chasing two very active toddlers along with a teenage daughter. He loves hunting and spending time in the mountains.



Jenna joined Freelance April of 2016, prior to that she was a CST for 12 years and was a traveler for 8 of those years (that is how she first came to this wonderful state and has now decided to make it home). Her experience includes 10 years of Open Heart and she is strong in Orthopedics, General, GYN, ENT, and Plastics. She is looking forward to learning the DaVinci Robot in the future.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog. She also enjoys playing tennis, watching SEC football (War Eagle) and dining out with friends and visiting family at some of the best restaurants in Denver.



Jo joined Freelance Assistants in April 2011 from a management position in a Denver hospital. In Jan 2016, she accepted the full-time position of Charge Nurse at Clear Creek Surgery Center and works for Freelance on an as-needed basis.

In her spare time, she enjoys dining with friends and now the enjoyment of being a grandmother.



Leslie has been with Freelance off and on again for over 15 years. She has a varied background in nursing, teaching in clinical setttings and supervising OR staff. She spends half the year in Denver and half the year in Indiana. She is very accomplished in GYN and general surgeries and is also DaVinci trained specializing in gynecologic procedures.


SANDY GARSON, Office Manager:

Sandy has been the office manager for the group since April, 2009.  She comes from a varied background which includes working for the Colorado Health Department and most recently a professional billing service.  She coordinates schedules with surgeon’s office, manages all the billing and basically is the “go to” contact person for doctors and patients.  She is typically in the office 10-5 (M-F), however  at times she will  work remotely and will be contacted through the answering service.  All of our scheduling is done electronically so that she has 24/7 access.